Irish Film Institute -GALLIVANT


Director: Andrew Kötting

103 minutes, U.K., 1996, Colour, 35mm

Kötting’s first feature is a delightfully offbeat road movie in which he, his 85-year-old grandmother Gladys – opinionated, bursting with anecdotes and contradictory reminiscences – and his 8-year-old daughter Eden – who has learning difficulties and has to communicate by sign language – embark on a six thousand mile trip round Britain’s coastline. As the journey begins the two are practically strangers, but by the end, ‘Little Eden’ and ‘Big Granny’ have struck up a warm bond. They develop a dialogue amongst the eccentric and ‘normal’ people who populate the coastal regions, while the director provides insights into the various generations of his family.

“It’s a determinedly eccentric affair, not only because Kötting himself is something of an oddball, but because the people he encounters are for the most part a pretty odd lot. The results makes for a marvelously fresh, warm, enlightening and often very funny look at Britain and what it means to be British. It’s hugely entertaining.” Geoff Andrew/Time Out (London).

Presented in collaboration with JDIFF. 

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