We’ve got two new films today: the return of Robert Wise’s musical classic The Sound of Music in 70mm and a new documentary about the most famous nightclub in history, Studio 54.

Read on for a selection of reviews of these titles, or pop into the IFI this week to make up your own mind!

“The location work in Salzburg has an ineffable charm and it’s all performed with such zinging, joyous energy”
5/5 – Guardian

“A warmly pulsating, captivating drama”

“This artful crowd-pleaser continues to reach out to every generation, thanks to expert and unsentimental handling from director Robert Wise and a magnificent performance from Julie Andrews”
5/5 – Radio Times

“It is compounded of taste, excitement, heart and mind, and more than any other individual, the one who put it there and kept it there was Robert Wise”
Hollywood Reporter

“The movie has almost everything: music, romance, kids, spectacular scenery, religion, sentiment, comedy high and low, and, at the end, intrigue and adventure”
Chicago Tribune

“Appealing to the whole family and giving Julie Andrews a chance to sing and perform charmingly, it presents Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp, a role that is sure to enhance the popularity of this fine actor”
New York Daily News

“[A] gripping, cautionary film”
4/5 – Irish Times

“While there’s plenty for ageing disco dancers such as myself to enjoy, anyone with a sense of rhythm who was either too young or not even born when Studio 54 was in its prime will not be disappointed”
5/5 – RTE

“For those of us who never went (and probably couldn’t have gotten in if we tried), “Studio 54” lets you taste a bit of the ecstasy”

“An enjoyable ride that captures both the excitement of the party and the shameful details of its aftermath”
Hollywood Reporter

“Paradise was lost but, boy, did it look fun while it lasted”
4/5 – Times UK

“There is terrific footage of Studio 54 itself in its heyday. It looks like Heaven with a rain of coloured lights; sounds like Heaven with a drum beat of ambrosial abandon”
4/5 – Financial Times


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