Irish Film Institute -“It’s All Culture” – Pete Walsh

“It’s All Culture” – Pete Walsh

Last December, the IFI lost one of its longest-serving staff members with the untimely passing of programmer Pete Walsh. For 18 years, Pete gave cinemagoers an opportunity, largely unavailable elsewhere in Dublin, to see the very best of world cinema, informed by an encyclopaedic knowledge of film second to none and an all-inclusive love of the medium.

In tribute to an esteemed colleague and cherished friend, we present this short season of films that were among Pete’s personal favourites, films he championed at every opportunity to those eager to discover unknown treasures. This selection serves as a mere snapshot: titles that could have been chosen with equal merit include Sunrise, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Lola Montès, The Tenant, Sightseers, Heaven’s Gate, West Side Story, films by Claude Miller, James Whale, Carl Dreyer, Kenji Mizoguchi, and dozens upon dozens besides (Withnail and I and Vertigo, in his beloved 70mm, are two additional examples that fortunately happen to be included elsewhere in this month’s programme).

The loss of Pete as a programmer, as a remarkable source of knowledge and enthusiasm, as a colleague, and above all as a friend is keenly felt by all of us at the IFI, and we hope you will join us in remembering him at these screenings.

Our thanks to Pete’s friends and colleagues who contributed suggestions for this season. There will be a brief introduction to each screening.

Please join us on March 4th (18.30) for a fundraiser event, a screening of The Searchers, in tribute to Pete and to support Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

Photo credits: Tomasz Bereska / Kinopolis


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