108 minutes, U.S.A., 1969, Black and White, DVD

Longtime IFI members will have seen this film appear in the programme several times and in numerous contexts over the years. If it were possible to say that any one film was Pete’s favourite, this would have to be one of the most likely candidates, and he programmed it at every opportunity. To be fair, director Leonard Kastle’s only film is a remarkable piece of work. It’s the true story of con-man Ray and sullen, overweight Martha, who meet through lonely-hearts correspondence and soon embark on a scheme to murder other lonely-hearts for their money. 

It’s subtly disturbing, darkly amusing, and absolutely compelling. If you haven’t yet seen it here, then – as Pete would advise about films of which he was particularly fond – “do yourself a favour.”

This film is screening as part of our special tribute season, dedicated to Pete Walsh (March 9th – 31st). 


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