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Secret of Kells

Tomm Moore, 75 minutes, 2009

An animated feature, The Secret of Kells creates a gorgeously realised vision of a medieval Ireland wherein a young monk battles monsters and Vikings to help complete the Book of Kells. Brendan (Evan McGuire) chafes against the restrictions of his…

Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore, 90 minutes, 2014

Ben (David Rawle) lives in a lighthouse with his father (Brendan Gleeson) and mother (Lisa Hannigan) who enchants him with tales of selkies who transform from seals into humans. His happiness is disrupted when she passes away in childbirth leaving…


Seamus Moran, 6 minutes, 2012

In an effort to impress classmate Eibhlín (Manini Linuza), teenager Pól (Jack Quinn) takes on the task of caring for a cherished motorcycle, Sylvia. Initially successful, Stevie soon finds caring for Sylvia more work than he can handle in this…

Thirty Five Aside

Damien O'Donnell, 27 minutes, 1996

Taking its name from the massive football games played by school children, Thirty-Five Aside is the amusing tale of Philip Maguire (James Mahon), a young boy who struggles to settle into his new school. Unwelcomed by rowdy classmates Philip stumbles…

Useless Dog

Ken Wardrop, 5 minutes, 2004

A sweet tale of an animal named ‘Guiness’ – the titular ‘useless dog’ – who is subject to farmer Trevor Wardrop’s complaints in this documentary short. Wardrop’s narrative proceeds over images of what he claims are Guiness’s cowardly, narcoleptic characteristics.…

You’re Ugly Too

Mark Noonan, 78 minutes, 2015

When 11-year-old Stacey (Lauren Kinsella) becomes an orphan, her closest relative, her uncle Will (Aidan Gillen), is in prison. As part of his rehabilitation, Will is released to look after Stacey, and they set up a makeshift home on a…


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