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I Used to Live Here

Frank Berry, 80 minutes, 2014

Amy (Jordanne Jones) is a 13-year-old living in Tallaght and has had to take on much of the responsibility for running the family home after the death of her mother. She is devoted to her father, Raymond (James Kelly), but…

In America

Jim Sheridan, 103 minutes, 2002

Jim Sheridan’s most autobiographical film, this tale of an Irish family settling in New York following the death of their young son drew on his two older daughters’ memories of coming to the city as children. The loss of a…

Into the West

Mike Newell, 97 minutes, 1992

Simplicity proves the greatest charm in this magical tale of two boys and the white horse they ride across Ireland. To help comfort them as father Papa Reilly (Gabriel Byrne) drinks himself into a stupor after the death of his…


Lance Daly, 72 minutes, 2008

This heart-warming coming-of-age tale finds two diamonds in the rough of inner city Dublin in the form of pre-teens Kylie (Kelly O’Neill) and Dylan (Shane Curry). Violent, dysfunctional homes drive the pair to run away, with a fistful of cash…

Learning to Fish

Teemu Auersalo, 4 minutes, 2012

Winter living proves difficult for a flock of indolent seagulls in this animated short. Ably sustained by discarded fast food throughout the summer months, the cold of winter finds the seagulls, unable to win food for themselves, creeping around the…

Mickybo and Me

Terry Loane, 95 minutes, 2004

Religious divisions in Northern Ireland form the backdrop for this rollicking family adventure from director Terry Loane. Shy young Protestant boy Jonjo (Niall Wright) accidently crosses his community’s sectarian borders when he befriends the energetic, wild, and – crucially –…

The Mighty Celt

Pearse Elliott, 82 minutes, 2005

A young boy’s friendship with a greyhound provides the starting point for this heartfelt tale about people coming out of the shadow of Northern Ireland’s past. In an act of compassion, the young Donal (Tyrone McKenna) saves a doomed greyhound…


Berend Boorsma, Roel Boorsma, 93 minutes, 2012

Milo (Lorcan Bonner) is a young boy kept isolated from the world by parents so ashamed of his rare skin condition that they have devised treatments to keep Milo from even knowing about it. Running away from this oppressive environment…

Moon Man

Stephan Schesch, Sarah Clara Weber, 92 minutes, 2012

A charming animation adapted from renowned illustrator Tomi Ungerer’s children’s book, Moon Man follows the man in the moon as he comes down to earth only to be hunted by an unscrupulous President convinced that the planet is being invaded.…

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