Irish Film Institute -IDA LUPINO: THE BIGAMIST


Director: Ida Lupino

80 mins, USA, 1953, 35mm, Black and White

This film screened 7th March 2018.

This film is F-Rated. Find out more here.

Harry (Edmond O’Brien) and wife Eve (Joan Fontaine), unable to have their own children, seek to adopt, and so must be assessed for suitability by Mr. Jordan (Edmund Gwenn). Jordan’s investigation into Harry’s frequent out-of-town business trips leads to the discovery of a second marriage, to Phyllis (Lupino, cited here as the first woman star to direct herself), with whom he has a daughter.

The film is notable for its bravery in exploring what was for the time a controversial subject, especially given its relatively sympathetic attitude to Harry, portraying him as a man motivated by loneliness and weakness rather than a callous philanderer.

Thanks to UCLA. 35mm preservation print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Preservation funding provided by The Film Foundation and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Screening as part of a season dedicated to the groundbreaking work of Ida Lupino, from March 7th to 25th 2018 at the Irish Film Institute. Click here for details of the full season.

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