Director: Ida Lupino

78 mins, USA, 1951, DVD, Black and White

This film screened 18th March 2018.

This film is F-Rated. Find out more here.

Teenage tennis prodigy Florence (Sally Forrest) is forced to strive ever harder for success in order to satisfy the ambitions of her middle-class mother Millie (Claire Trevor), who sees her daughter as her ticket to greater social standing, and the attendant wealth and fame.

As these pressures cause Florence to become increasingly disillusioned with the sport, she finds romance with Gordon (Robert Clarke), a distraction that causes her mother much dismay. At the heart of the film is Florence’s struggle for autonomy, not just from the mother who lives through her vicariously, but from the established social order of the time.

Screening as part of a season dedicated to the groundbreaking work of Ida Lupino, from March 7th to 25th 2018 at the Irish Film Institute. Click here for details of the full season.

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