Director: Michael Haneke

107 mins, 2017, France-Austria-Germany, Digital

Happy End will be releasing at the IFI from Friday December 1st. 

A coolly observed study of familial dysfunction, Michael Haneke’s follow-up to Amour (IFI French Film Festival 2012) has all of the stylistic traits we have come to expect: the cut-glass precision, scenes shot to resemble static surveillance footage, significant action taking place in the margins of long shots, and the presence of Isabelle Huppert. Thematically the film revisits Haneke’s concerns with bourgeois complacency and guilt, racial prejudice and our changing relationship to technology. Moments of comedy introduce a surprising and welcome new element to the director’s winning formula. (Notes by David O’Mahony)

Director’s note: Reuniting with Trintignant and Huppert, Haneke’s fascinating and tactical plot builds with frightening precision.

Main Competition, Cannes Film Festival 2017

Screening as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2017 – November 15th to 26th.

Packages €45 for 5 films. €80 for 10 films. (Both packages exclude the opening film. Available in person or over the phone: 01 679 3477.)

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