Irish Film Institute -ULYSSES 100: ULYSSES


Director: Joseph Strick

132 mins, USA, 1967, Digital, Black & White

American director Joseph Strick’s Academy® Award-nominated response is unquestionably the most faithful screen adaptation of the revered and illustrious novel. The plot follows Jewish advertising agent Leopold Bloom (Milo O’Shea), his libidinous soprano wife Molly (Barbara Jefford), and young poet and teacher Stephen Dedalus (Maurice Roeves) on that fateful day. From the early morning opening scene at the Martello Tower in Sandycove to the closing scene in the Bloom residence in Eccles Street at dawn, Strick skims the surface of the day’s events, disregarding the specifics of Dublin of June 16th, 1904 with arresting mid-‘60s anachronisms; vehicular, sartorial and technological. The film’s frank depiction of Joyce’s often ribald novel had it banned in Ireland until the 2000s.

The film will be introduced by Joyce enthusiast and filmmaker Luke McManus (North Circular).

Screening as part of IFI & Bloomsday Film Festival present: Ulysses 100.

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