Director: Kinga Dębska

94 mins, Poland, 2023, Digital, Subtitled

In Kinga Dębska’s heartwarming new film, devoted sisters Nastka (Paulina Pytlak) and Łucja (Joanna Drabik) must each contend with the very different constraints imposed upon them by their physical limitations. While Nastka has spent her life confined to a wheelchair following medical negligence that saw her starved of oxygen at birth, her sister has become a leading ballerina in one of Poland’s most prestigious and demanding companies. As Łucja’s entire career and indeed sense of self are put at risk by an injury, Nastka is encouraged by vivacious new neighbour Józefina (Kinga Preis) to become part of the wider world, and to fight for experiences she might previously never have considered.

Notes by Kevin Coyne

Screening as part of Kinopolis Polish Film Festival 2023, December 7th – 10th.

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Friday 8th