DFFF21 presents an immersive, diverse selection of films that challenge stereotypes and represent the female experience through brave, innovative filmmaking.

The programme weaves together an eclectic mix of female filmmakers whose work navigates the theme of Care and Connection through examinations of the everyday and the extraordinary, the desperate and the fantastical. How can we offer ourselves true care? How do we find connection in everyday objects, in glitter, in escape? In past festivals, we considered short films that strayed from the theme, but so many of this year’s entries touched on it in novel, provocative ways that the difficulty came in tailoring a selection of only twelve films from scores of fantastic entries. It is an honour to provide a platform for these voices. In this spirit, prizes include personal mentoring by leading story consultant, Mary Kate O’Flanagan and a one-off consultancy with Festival Formula’s Katie McCullough.

– ON THE COUCH WITH MY DEPRESSION, dir. Angharad Gladding (6 mins, New Zealand, 2020)
– HEKADEMIA, dir. Gloria Mercer (16 mins, Canada, 2020)
– ALIENATED, dir. Robyn Coleman (3 mins, Ireland, 2021)
– VITILIGO, dir. Soraya Milla (6 mins, France, 2019)
– MAM’S OLD CHAIR, dir. Sheena Walsh (2 mins, Ireland, 2021)
– HEN, dir. Janna Kemperman (16 mins, Ireland, 2019)
– NO MORE DEAD FRIENDS, dir. Laura Robinson (3 mins, Ireland, 2020)
– BEAUTIFUL YOU, dir. Bernadette Kolonko (18 mins, Germany, 2020)
– ROLES, dir. Paola Gutierrez (8 mins, Argentina, 2020)
– IT WAS ALL A DREAM, dir. Aisha Bolaji (3 mins, Ireland, 2021)
– ASCENDING GRACE, dir. Claire Byrne (11 mins, Ireland, 2020)
– SPRING IN AUTUMN, dir. Ghasideh Golmakani (8 mins, Iran, 2021)

Screening as part of the Dublin Feminist Film Festival 2021, August 20th-22nd.

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