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[Age 8+] Subtitles will be read by an experienced reader.

A selection of live-action and animated film from across the globe, guaranteed to enchant and entertain. From coming late to school to firefighting in a cardboard city, there are thrills, adventures, and drama in this diverse programme for older children.

Fire in Cardboard City
Disaster strikes when a fire hits Cardboard City in this, hilarious and highly original, ‘mini-blockbuster’ complete with car chases and explosions!

New Zealand / 2017/ Animation / Director: Phil Brough

Doctor of Monsters
Eduardo’s classmates do not understand his choice of profession – luckily for him he soon has some otherworldly visitors and monstrous guests who definitely approve.
Brazil / 2018/ Animation / Director: Béla Klingl

Two young brothers, at odds with each other, accompany their lumberjack father to a forest campsite in the New Zealand bush. An encounter with a notorious possum named Scar while wandering in the forest helps bring them together.
New Zealand / 2016/ Live action / Director: Dave Whitehead

Neko ni hi
When Jiro isn’t feeling well his father brings him to the doctor. Her diagnosis of ‘cat flu’ leaves Jiro feeling very confused – isn’t it just cats who get cat flu? Find out in this stylish animation.
Germany / 2018/ Animation/ Director: Jon Frickey

Language of Ball
In this story about integration, a newcomer to New York City, basketball–lover, Ahmed is worried about not having fluent English. However, he soon discovers that his greatest passion may also be his best way to communicate.
USA / 2017/ Live action/ Director: Ramon Rodriguez

Sherbert Rosencratz, You’re Beautiful
Milly loves two things more than anything – her guinea pig Sherbert and her dolls house. Worried when her cousin Jill tells her that, without real friends, she’ll be a loner forever, she is very relieved to meet someone who understands.
Australia / 2017/ Live action/ Director: Natalie van den Dungen

Long ago before there were alarm clocks, an old man worked as an awaker, waking people up – going from door to door all over town. His life changes when he receives a small bell to alert the town in this hand drawn animation.
Czech Republic / 2017/ Live action/ Director: Filip Diviak

Screening as part of IFI Family Festival August 31st – September 2nd. Tickets €5, family tickets €15 (2 adults + 2 children). Click for details. 


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