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Films with subtitles

Why do we use a Subtitles Reader?

At IFI we prefer to show films in their original languages. This includes films in our Family Festival, which come from all over the world. We like our Festival audiences to see the films we’ve chosen in the best way possible, and that means showing them with subtitles. So to help young film fans who might not be used to reading subtitles, we use an experienced reader who reads the titles aloud. This means you can enjoy the film on screen, and hear all the dialogue too.

Does every film in the Festival have a Subtitles Reader?

Any film in another language for audiences up to age 10 will have a reader of subtitles. We based this on our experience of IFI young audiences, but also best practice from children’s festivals around the world.

What if I can understand the language of the film?

If you are lucky enough to speak the original language of the film, then you will be able to hear the dialogue from the film soundtrack too. The subtitles reader uses a microphone and this is lowered so you can hear both.

How do I follow the film if I am listening to the reader?

We tell our audiences that it’s like someone reading you a story. You can listen to their voice which keeps up with the film as it plays on screen.

Does the reader act out the different parts or use different accents?

No. The subtitles reader is there to help you understand the story, not to act out different roles.

Who reads the subtitles?

All our subtitles readers are experienced. Some are well-known faces from tv, special guests or readers we use all the time. They practice and practice before they read the film for you so their reading is as natural as possible.

If you’d like to know anything else about our readers, ask any of the IFI Festival team.

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