This week’s new titles at the Irish Film Institute from Friday, July 8th 2022 include new release Futura and the re-release of IFI Classic Deliverance. Read on for a selection of reviews or pop in to make up your own mind!


“Vibrant, vital chronicle” 4/5 – The Irish Times 

“Futura is a surprisingly uplifting experience. Despite the youngsters believing they have no option but to leave their own country their dedication to education and positive outlook leaves viewers feeling optimistic” 3/5 – The Reviews Hub 

“No two voices are ever the same” 3/5 – Financial Times  

“Their film gives gentle insights into Italian society, finding subtle and complex things to say about class and wealth inequality.” 3/5 – The Guardian 

Anyone with a heart will be stirred by the generous, critical, humanist spirit shared by the kids in front of the camera and the grown-ups on the other side.” – The New York Times 

Faithfully captures the spirit of our times” 3/4 – Slant Magazine



“The performances have a validity that transcends the film; Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds and, indeed, all the members of the cast are finely tuned and very good.” 3.5/4 –Roger Ebert 

“Deliverance is an elegiac movie, mourning the rural mountain culture soon to be inundated by a new hydro-electric dam. A people is displaced, churches are uprooted and coffins disinterred, so that Atlanta, home of our four suburbanites, can have power and light. Karma demands payment for that, and takes it, brutally.” The Guardian 

“The visual subtlety and brilliance of “Deliverance” enrich potentially banal ideas to make the experience of watching the film far more arresting” The New York Times  

“The gorgeous backdrop of the film makes the violence and darkness even more disturbing – but this is more than just a horror film. There’s real substance in themes, performances and John Boorman’s superb direction” 5/5 – Empire 

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