Irish Film Institute -REVIEW ROUNDUP: ROSIE, FIRST MAN, 1945


We’ve got three new releases at the IFI from Friday October 12th: Rosie, First Man and 1945. Read on for a selection of reviews or pop in to make up your own mind!


“Staggering, heart-breaking and beautiful”
5/5 Sunday Independent

“The most important Irish film of the year”
5/5 The Herald

“Rosie is a profoundly moving, painfully topical drama”
5/5 RTE

“Roddy Doyle’s homeless film burns with a raw urgency”
4/5 Irish Times

“Anchored by a finely grained, beautifully modulated performance from Sarah Greene”
Hollywood Reporter


“Damien Chazelle’s film brilliantly charts the triumphs and tragedies of going to the moon”
5/5 Irish Independent

“Damien Chazelle plays in the key of C major with his visually ravishing, dramatically conservative story of Neil Armstrong, starring Ryan Gosling”
4/5 Guardian

“This terrific study of the 1969 Moon landing is all about the man inside the suit”
4/5 Irish Times

“‘First Man’ is so revelatory in its realism, so gritty in its physicality and so immersive that it does for space what ‘Saving Private Ryan’ did for war films.”

“Even when First Man stumbles as historical psychodrama, it still represents a giant leap forward for movies about the physical and emotional experience of flight”


“Marvellously directed and acted, 1945 shows how those who practice deception for their own ends are likely to pay the price and in ways they may not foresee”
4/5 RTE

“An original look at anti-Semitism and the Holocaust that makes for essential if bleak viewing”
4/5 The List

“Török’s engaging, if cluttered feature has important and timely things to say about historical guilt and remembrance”
Irish Times

“A fresh, intelligent cinematic approach to a difficult topic that takes on a transitional time in Hungarian history with subtlety and nuance”

“Simple, powerful, made with conviction and skill, “1945” proceeds as inexorably as Sámuel and his son on their long walk into town”
Los Angeles Times

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