Irish Film Institute -Following three consecutive sold-out Evening Courses in 2015 and 2016, the IFI kicks off 2017 with its new six-week spring Evening Course, From Russia with Film.

Following three consecutive sold-out Evening Courses in 2015 and 2016, the IFI kicks off 2017 with its new six-week spring Evening Course, From Russia with Film.

The IFI presents From Russia with Film, a new six-week Evening Course looking at selected films from Russia’s rich film history which runs from March 21st – April 25th. 2017 marks 100 years since the Russian Revolution and our course looks at examples of Russian cinema from the Soviet era through to glasnost, and today’s film production under Putin. Russian cinema has evolved alongside distinct historic upheavals, and yielded a wealth of filmmakers, some of whom have significantly influenced the art of cinema itself.



Starting on Tuesday, March 21st and running on consecutive Tuesdays until April 25th, the course programme beginning with an introduction to Russian Cinema and a screening of Sergei M. Eisenstein’s biopic of the bloody autocratic ruler Ivan the Terrible who sought to unite the country against powerful hereditary boyars.

Week two will examine life for artists and censorship restrictions in Soviet times with a screening of Vladimir Menshov’s Oscar-winning romantic comedy, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears which follows three young women in 1950s Moscow.

Week three will look at real-life and cinematic representations of young Soviet women with a screening of Aleksandr Askoldov’s civil war film The Commissar which saw the film shelved and the filmmaker banned until glasnost policies saw its release in 1988.

Week four will consist of a screening of Timur Bekmambetov’s Night Watch, a high-octane, hit fantasy thriller pits post-glasnost Muscovites battling forces of dark and light.  Following the screening there will be a consideration on European science fiction and how films such as this have interpreted the Hollywood model for a local audience.

Week five will be the award-winning drama, Leviathan, a film that draws on Biblical themes and life in contemporary Russia. Following the screening there will be a discussion on Russia today, life under Putin and the artistic response.

Rounding off the evening course in week six it’s all jazz, jitterbugging, and slicked back hair! It’s 1950s Moscow and the hipsters are at war with Young Communist League squares  in Valeriy Todorovskiy’s Hipsters.


The IFI Evening Course is open to all to attend and no previous study is required.



Please note: The course will run on consecutive Tuesdays, starting at 18.30 unless otherwise stated. Order may vary.

MARCH 21st (18.30): Ivan the Terrible / Ivan Groznyy

Guest speaker: Justin Doherty, assistant Professor in Russian at TCD.

MARCH 28th (18.30): The Commissar / Komissar

Guest speaker: Dr Judith Devlin,history Professor at UCD.

APRIL 4th (18.30): Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears / Moskva slezam ne verit

Guest speaker: Dr Ruth Barton, Associate Professor in Film Studies (Drama) at TCD

APRIL 11th (18.30): Night Watch / Nochnoy dozor

Guest speaker: Dr Aidan Power is a postdoctoral research fellow at UCC.

APRIL 18th (18.30): Leviathan / Leviafan

Guest speaker: Retired international editor of The Irish Times and Moscow correspondent, Seamus Martin.

April 25th (18.30): Hipsters / Stilyagi

Guest speaker: Justin Doherty, Assistant Professor in Russian at TCD.



€70 (including tea/coffee) for complete course (concessions €65). Bookings through Sharon Corrigan on 01 679 5744 or email Film tickets not individually sold.

For further information and images please contact Michelle McDonagh at the IFI Press Office on (01) 679 5744 or email


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