Irish Film Institute unveils its 2017 plans across exhibition, preservation and education

January 26th 2017: The Irish Film Institute today unveiled its exciting plans for 2017 across its core areas of exhibition, preservation and education. The year ahead brings new programming events, seasons, and partnerships, alongside festival favourites, key film strands, and the continued development of the hugely successful IFI Player.


Programming Events:

IFI & Audi Dublin International Film Festival (February); John T. Davis Retrospective (March); IFI & Plastik Festival (March 24th – 26th); IFI Local Films for Local People (February to November); IFI Spotlight (April); Czech New Wave (April); IMMA: As Above, So Below (May); Robert Bresson Season (June); Science Film Festival (July); Weimar Republic Season (August); Investigations 2017 (October); Aisling Walsh Retrospective (late 2017)


IFI Family Festival (June 16th– 18th); IFI Open Day (September); IFI Documentary Festival (September 28th – October 1st); IFI Horrorthon (October 26th – 30th); IFI Dublin Arabic Film Festival (November 10th – 12th) IFI French Film Festival (November 15th – 26th); IFI Kinopolis (December 6th – 10th)

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