Irish Film Institute -Young Media Explorers (YME) Programme 2014

Young Media Explorers (YME) Programme 2014

July 2014 saw 14 lucky candidates, aged 9-12, participate in our Young Media Explorers programme. Supported by Dublin City Council, this programme was initiated by IFI Education to establish a connection for young people between their own day-to-day media encounters and knowledge (e.g. watching TV/film, using the internet, social networking), and the world of IFI and IFI Family Festival.

The selected YMEs worked with IFI Education staff and professional filmmaker Basil Al-Rawi to engage with our Family Festival using new media technologies. The programme was specifically designed to encourage participants to further their critical media literacy skills in the area of watching, discussing and making films as well as their interpersonal skills such as group skills, leadership, roles and responsibilities. 


Throughout the week-long programme YMEs engaged with a number of activities and actively contributed to our festival planning and delivery. Their experience culminated in a public presentation of their work and demonstration of their skills at the opening night of our IFI Family Festival, July 2014. The group were very excited to be introduced by our festival patron, RTÉ’s Diana Bunici, before showcasing their video and meeting the audience. Participants willingly remained in their new roles as YMEs throughout our festival, attending lots of different films from around the world and discussing their experiences with one another.

YME activities included:

• Exploring the IFI and meeting the festival team
• Learning about world cinema, festival planning & programming
• Watching different films from around the world
• Using new technologies to access, critique, create and communicate
• Creating and producing a short promotional video (this video will be screened for our primary schools audience before The Unbeatables 3D on Nov 13th)

Please see our new Autumn/Winter schools programme for more information


IFI Education would like to thank all the YMEs for their creativity, imagination and hard work during the programme. We hope you will continue coming to the IFI and getting involved in our annual family festival and monthly family screenings.

Watch this clip to hear what Siofra thought of her experience as a YME!

If you are interested in becoming a YME (open to ages 9-12) in 2015 please contact Dee Quinlan at for more information.

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