119 mins, France-Belgium, 2016, Digital, Subtitled

This film was released 12th January 2018, and is no longer screening.

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An adaptation of the 1883 Guy de Maupassant novel, A Woman’s Life represents a successful change of pace for Stéphane Brizé following his award-winning The Measure of a Man (2015). The film begins in rural Normandy of 1819; Jeanne (Judith Chemla), young and rather naïve, has returned from a convent education to live with her parents (played with effortless grace by Yolande Moreau and Jean- Pierre Darroussin), who arrange for her marriage to a local nobleman, Julien de Lamare (Swann Arlund).

Brizé’s elegantly austere film charts a slow and painful process of disillusionment over three decades as the people Jeanne loves most betray her. Presented in square-like Academy ratio with a restless camera style, the film is bracingly honest in its depiction of the realities of 19th century life and the cruel restrictions women were forced to endure.

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(Notes by David O’Mahony.)

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