Director: Tommy Lee Jones 

122 mins, France-U.S.A., 2014, Digital

This film screened 14th & 26th February 2016.

Wild Strawberries is our bi-monthly film club for over 55s.

One of cinema’s best-loved actors, Meryl Streep has starred in a few period dramas during her illustrious career. In this western she plays a preacher’s wife who offers to take in three young women for whom frontier life has proven too much. Pioneer Mary Bee Cuddy (Hilary Swank) agrees to transport the trio, with the help of army deserter George, played by Tommy Lee Jones. It’s a slow-paced, thoughtful film driven by substantial leads and set against expansive mid-western skies.

Tickets: €4.25 including regular tea/coffee before the event. Wild Strawberries is our film club for over 55s. If you are lucky enough to look younger please don’t take offense if we ask your age.

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