Irish Film Institute -IFI Family Festival: Reviews of The Blue Tiger

IFI Family Festival: Reviews of The Blue Tiger

Review by Fionn:

In the botanic gardens in a Czech city, Johanka and Matyas live.  When they find out about the mayor’s plan to demolish the city to build a new modern city they are devastated because their botanic gardens will be destroyed.  Watch and find out how the children try to save their gardens and if they’ll succeed.

I would give this movie four out of five.

Review by Beibhinn:

This film is about a girl who finds a mysterious blue tiger. The tiger has a cut on its legs. The girl’s mom puts a dock leaf on the tiger’s leg and then puts a rubber band on it as well, so that it stays on.

The bit that I really enjoyed was when the tiger jumped into their fishpond and then jumps out again. Then all these gorgeous flowers and plants and trees suddenly appear.  I thought it was very pretty.

This film is a happy film. There were a little bit scary bits as well. When the tiger walks around you see his shadow in the dark with the scary music.

Overall I would give it 4 stars out of 5.

Review by Jessica:

The Blue Tiger is about a girl who lives with her mam, her friend and his dad in the botanical gardens in a town in Czech Republic.  The girls name is Johanka and she loves to draw, sometimes her drawings come to life.  She especially loves to draw blue tigers.  Her blue tiger came to life and stared roaming the town.  The town is a little run down and the mayor wants to demolish it to build a new, modern city.  I think this film is very magical and mysterious and I love the special effects and how they turned the tiger blue.  I really liked the way animation and live-action combined in the same film.  I also loved all the plants and colours. I rated this film four stars out of five, losing a star because at the start of the film, it was almost like Johanka was hallucinating and they didn’t explain the story that much.  Even though it’s in Czech, it’s subtitled and if you’re not that fast at reading there is a reader in the cinema who reads out loud to you, which I think is really helpful!  The age I would put for this film is eight years and older because there are some parts that would frighten younger viewers.  Other than that, this film is great and perfect for the whole family to go and see!

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