Irish Film Institute -FUTURES PAST: THX 1138


Director: George Lucas

86 mins, USA, 1971, Blu-Ray

This film screened 27th April 2016.

In the 25th century sex and emotion are outlawed; the drug-controlled populace toil anonymously for an all-powerful and unseen leader. THX 1138 (Robert Duvall) is one such drone in a factory which makes the fearsome robotic police force that keeps society in check.

When LUH 3417, his female roommate, tampers with his dosage he begins to feel love for the first time, a transgression that sees him arrested for sexual perversion and drug evasion. George Lucas’ debut film transposes the dystopia of George Orwell’s rubble- strewn 1984 to a pristine future of gleaming white spaces that are no less foreboding in their antiseptic glare.

Screening as part of Futures Past: How Cinema of the Past Has Imagined Our Future, a season of films with guest speakers, presented in collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin.

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