Director: Elaine May

106 mins, USA, 1972, 35mm, Swedish Subtitles

This film screened 21st August 2016.

Lenny (Charles Grodin) is a salesman who, after his homely Jewish wedding to unsophisticated Lila decides he has made a grave mistake and sets about pursuing Kelly (Cybill Shepherd), a waspy blonde he meets on his Miami Beach honeymoon. Untroubled by
the shallowness and sheer absurdity of his behaviour, Lenny meets Kelly’s parents to outline his intentions, an engagement which unsurprisingly doesn’t go well. With Oscar-nominated turns from May’s daughter, Jeannie Berlin as Lila and Eddie Albert as Kelly’s infuriated father, this exceptional film was remade by the Farrelly brothers in 2007 but it brings nothing of the pathos and tragicomic force of the original.

Sourced from the Swedish Film Institute, the 35mm print of this film will screen with Swedish subtitles.

This screening is part of the Elaine May Retrospective running from August 20th-28th 2016.

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