Irish Film Institute -THE DANISH GIRL


Director: TOM HOOPER

120 minutes, U.K.-Germany, 2015, Digital

This film was released 2nd January 2016, and is no longer screening.

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) stars as Einar Wegener, a Danish artist who was one of the first recipients of gender reassignment surgery in this delicate, beautifully composed biopic directed by another Oscar winner, Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech).

Married couple Einar and Gerda (Alicia Vikander) are artists in 1920s Copenhagen, both painters, he of landscapes and she of portraits. One morning Gerda asks her husband to sit for a portrait of a ballerina, awakening in Einar a long repressed desire to explore his feminine side, which finds expression in the creation of Lili Elbe, his increasingly dominant alter ego. Gerda’s paintings of him as a woman start to get serious attention, but the distinction between Einar and Lili continues to blur to the point where Einar chooses to physically become Lili. (Notes by David O’Mahony)

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