Director: Terry George

112 mins, Ireland, 1996, 35mm

This film screened 10th August 2016.

When (fictional) IRA member Gerard Quigley (Aidan Gillen) is imprisoned on charges of murder of a British soldier he becomes a cell-mate of Bobby Sands (John Lynch). He joins Messiah-like Sands on a hunger strike to protest the political status of H-Block prisoners and is fully prepared to die for the cause. His mother (Helen Mirren) is forced to confront their opposing beliefs.
 Her emotional and political struggle, played out through her friendship with Annie Higgins (Fionnula Flanagan), is at the heart of the film. Co-authored by Jim Sheridan, Some Mother’s Son balances politics with tragedy, warmth and humour and, in its foregrounding of the experience of women, provides an enriching counterpoint to many Troubles’ narratives. (Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn.)

See also Brendan J. Byrne documentary Bobby Sands: 66 Days

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