Director: Michel Hazanavicius

France • 2011 • Drama/Comedy • 100 mins

Comparative film for 2017/18, this multi-award winning, silent and black and white film offers themes of ambition, artistry, romance and the impact of technology, as well as the interesting setting of early Hollywood. Valentin is the silent star with the faithful dog, Uggi, who finds himself becoming increasingly out-of-date with the arrival of sound, while his co-star Peppy adapts more easily and becomes a success in her own right.

Director: Michael Hazanavicius

France, 2011, Drama/Comedy, 100mins

Screening as part of the 2016/2017 IFI Schools Programme.

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Showing at:

Dublin, IFI – Jan 31. IFI Education on 01 679 5744

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