Director: Brendan J. Byrne

Ireland • 2016 • Documentary • 105 mins

This documentary film combines original footage with animations, interviews and reconstructions, to depict the 66 days of Bobby Sands’ hunger strike, as well as the long-term impact of the blanket protest on the political situation, after Sands’ election as MP. Friends, fellow strikers, and his election agent offer their views, along with historians and scholars, all of which provides useful material for classroom work on the Politics and Society of Northern Ireland.

Director: Brendan J. Byrne

Ireland, 2016, Documentary, 105mins

Screening as part of the 2016/2017 IFI Schools Programme.

Download the programme here.

Showing at:

Dublin, IFI – Nov 16. IFI Education on 01 679 5744

Dublin, IFI – Jan 26. IFI Education on 01 679 5744

Portlaise, Dunamaise Arts Centre – Mar 28. Dunamaise Arts Centre on 057 866 3355

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