Director: Marc Silver

USA • 2016 • Documentary/Crime/Drama 98 mins

Recommended age 15+

This gripping documentary is based on events that started at a Florida gas station, when software developer Michael Dunn asked four young black men in a red SUV to turn their music down. The ensuing argument lead to a shooting, at the end of which 17-year-old Jordan Davis is dead. Dunn plead self-defence. Jordan’s story is told through testimonials from the stand, recordings and other footage. With gun control on the Election agenda, and the Black Lives Matter campaign taking hold, the film makes for timely viewing.

Director: Marc Silver

USA, 2016, Documentary/Crime/Drama, 98mins

Screening as part of the 2016/2017 IFI Schools Programme.

Download the programme here.

Showing at:

Cork, Cork Film Festival (Nov 11-20) – Nov 15. Cork Film Festival on 021 427 1711

Dublin, IFI – Jan 18. IFI Education on 01 679 5744

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