We have one new release for Friday November 1st 2019, Sorry We Missed You from director Ken Loach. Read on for a selection of reviews or pop in to make up your own mind!

“Jonathan Morris’s editing and George Fenton’s score hit the right beats. It is, however, those excellent performances that steer Sorry We Missed You away from didacticism and towards the Loach all-time top 10.”
4/5 – Irish Times

“If you don’t come out of Sorry We Missed You with either a lump in your throat or a clenched fist, you’re made of stone.”
4.5/5 – RTÉ

“Sorry We Missed You is a forensic indictment of laissez-faire capitalism.”
5/5 – Irish Independent

“It’s fierce, open and angry, unironised and unadorned, about a vital contemporary issue whose implications you somehow don’t hear on the news.”
5/5 – Guardian

“As a stripped-down, minutely detailed portrait of the daily grind as back-breaking Sisyphean ordeal, “Sorry We Missed You” is engrossing and bluntly persuasive.”
LA Times

“Loach has now done it again. His new film, “Sorry We Missed You,” is another intimate and powerful drama about what’s going on in people’s everyday lives – not just in England, but all over the world.”

“A drama of such searing human empathy and quotidian heartbreak that its powerful climactic scenes actually impede your breathing.”
Hollywood Reporter

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