Director: OMER FAST

103 mins, UK-Germany, 2015, Digital

This film was released 24th June 2016, and is no longer screening.

Although Remainder is Omer Fast’s feature-length debut, as a renowned video artist who uses filmic devices such as looping and reconstruction to explore the politics of representation and the often calamitous impact trauma has on identity and memory, he is well qualified to handle the task of adapting author Tom McCarthy’s novel of the same name about a distressed and obsessive amnesiac. Set in London, the film opens as an unnamed protagonist, played by Tom Sturridge, is seen hurriedly leaving an office block just before he is struck down by an unidentified object hurling from the sky. While in recovery, he is awarded a considerable sum to keep quiet about the accident, money he then uses to meticulously re-stage the only fragments from his past that he can remember. Smart, inventive and occasionally droll, Remainder is a psychological thriller that subverts genre conventions with impressive results. (Notes by Alice Butler.)



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