110 minutes, Japan, 1946, Black and White, DVD

This film screened on Thursday 6th  August 2015. 

Set against the backdrop of protests opposing the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, and based on the Takigawa incident of 1933, No Regrets… opens in Kyoto just after young and capricious Yukie’s father is ousted from his university position for expressing leftist, anti-fascist views. In conversation with her father’s students, Yukie tires of political debate which enrages Noge, a committed dissenter who she secretly adores. One of the only Kurosawa films with a female protagonist, No Regrets for Our Youth stands out for its forthright criticism of the pre-war regime and for its inspired performance from Setsuko Hara who movingly conveys Yukie’s shift from callowness to unyielding political resolve.

This screening is part of Anger is an Energy: Cinema of Protest, our season throughout August that features films – from a range of time periods and national cultures – that examine how some of cinema’s most creative and daring directors have tackled and responded to sociopolitical dissent.

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