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Amateur Films

Films of personal or public events produced by amateurs. The collections include “home movies”; films of community activities such as Corpus Christi Processions, village fairs, work outings and military parades; and films of events of historical significance.

These films of personal or public events produced by amateur film makers are among the most interesting and unique items preserved by the Archive. The collections include ‘home movies’, films of community activities and of events of historical significance. Preserved alongside these nonfiction amateur collections are short, edited fiction films made, largely by the Irish Film Society, for public but not theatrical exhibition. Important collections include those made by clergyman such as Fr Moran, Monsignor Hegarty, and Fr Delaney, prominent businessmen such as Sligoman Kevin Murray, whose collection includes material shot on the set of The Quiet Man, and Dubliner John J. Jennings, who recorded the construction of a number of significant Irish buildings, including the current Abbey Theatre.

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