Irish Film Institute -MExINDEX: “AS WE MAY THINK”



71 mins, Ireland, 1974–2016, Digital

This event took place on Saturday 25th February 2017.

Borrowing the title of Vannevar Bush’s 1945 essay in which he outlined a hypothetical proto-hypertext system, ‘As We May Think’ features work by Linda Quinlan, Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Eoghan Ryan, Bea McMahon, Sarah Browne, Jenny Brady and Julie Murray. Eschewing an overarching theme in favour of ‘associative trails’, this screening mimics or indicates a possible route through the MExIndex website, a searchable and evolving online database with free access to key information and writing on experimental and visual arts-based moving image works by Irish and Ireland-based artists.  Curated by Alice Butler, this event marks the end of her Arts Council-supported residency with the project.

This screening will be followed by a discursive event at Wood Quay Venue.

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MROOUCTKH, Linda Quinlan, 5 minutes, 2011, Digital

Flanagan, Thaddeus O’Sullivan, 11 minutes 1974, Digital

Clamdigger, Eoghan Ryan, 7 minutes, 2015, Digital

Report to an Academy, Sarah Browne, 28 minutes, 2016, Digital

Film of Octopuses, Bea McMahon, 3 minutes, 2013, Digital

Bone, Jenny Brady, 10 minutes, 2015, Digital

End Reel, Julie Murray, 7 minutes, 2014, Digital

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