Irish Film Institute -Loving Vincent Artist Coming to the IFI Oct 24th

Loving Vincent Artist Coming to the IFI Oct 24th

As audiences continue to flock to screenings of the incredible Loving Vincent, the Irish Film Institute is delighted to announce a special guest on Tuesday October 24th at 18.40.

Artist Sandra Hickey will be at the IFI in Temple Bar to introduce a screening of the film. She was part of the seven-year process involved in getting the film made, as one of the more than 100 artists who painstakingly created the 65,000 oil-painted frames to bring Vincent Van Gogh’s world to life.

Film fans will get a first hand account of what it was like to be part of this totally unique process, and of course then they’ll get to see the fruit of those years of labour in the fascinating ode to Van Gogh, with a side helping of detective story and truly entrancing visuals.

Tickets for the Tuesday October 24th screening of Loving Vincent are available here. 


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