Irish Film Institute -LOGAN LUCKY



119 minutes. U.S.A., 2017. Digital.

This film has been classified 12A.

Logan Lucky marks the return of the previously prolific Steven Soderbergh to feature filmmaking after a four year hiatus.

A companion piece of sorts to his Ocean’s trilogy, the film swaps the glamour of debonair Danny Ocean’s casino heists for the more earthy environs of West Virginia, where Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) uses knowledge gained from the construction job from which he has just been fired to plan the robbery of a NASCAR speedway, enlisting the help of his brother, army veteran Clyde (Adam Driver), sister Mellie (Riley Keough), and imprisoned explosives expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig).

While there may be a political element to the film in its depiction of blue collar labour striking against a system that has left them behind, the real pleasure lies in its brio, Soderbergh’s light touch making for an entertaining and welcome return.

Notes by Kevin Coyne.

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