70 minutes, 2007, Digital

This film screened 13th February 2016.

Thomas Lynch is a Detroit-based mortician who has run the family business for over 30 years and arranged perhaps 6,000 funerals. When not an American undertaker, he is an Irishman who lives in Moveen, Co. Clare (from where his grandparents emigrated) and a poet and essayist of immense repute. Drawing on his work, this film is an engaging and inspiring journey into his unusual world. The film is neither morose nor melancholic, but is rich in Lynch’s passion and humour: for him, it is only through dealing with death that we can truly get on with the business of living. With Lynch’s writing always at its core, Black has crafted a film that is sensitive, beautiful and, in its own right, a finely crafted piece of poetry.

Showing as part of our Cathal Black Season  (February 6th-14th).

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