Irish Film Institute -IFI@SCHOOLS


IFI@Schools is our streaming platform and offers an accessible and affordable way to present film content in the classroom,

If you want to dive straight in, you can visit the site now at

There are 4 ways to use IFI@Schools
Primary School Pass Post-Primary School Pass Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Bundle Transition Year Bundle Senior Curriculum Bundle
Access the full Primary Collection and the 12-14 Collection Access the full Post-Primary Collection and 12-14 Collection Unlock 2 MFL films in German, French or Spanish Unlock 5 films from our TY Collection Unlock 2 films of from our Senior Cycle and English Collections


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How It Works



You can access our Step-By-Step guides here.






Film Catalogue


Films are programmed in Primary and Secondary collections as well as a special 12-14 Collection available for both. Click here to browse.

Each title has its own subject tags to guide you to the best choices for your students.



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