Irish Film Institute -Lawrence of Arabia 70mm coming to the IFI in October 2017

Lawrence of Arabia 70mm coming to the IFI in October 2017

2017 has been a landmark year for 70mm screenings at the Irish Film Institute, and there’s more on the way.

The IFI houses the only functioning 70mm film projector in Ireland, giving us the opportunity to present films in a way that’s totally unique. That includes high quality blow ups of titles originally show on 35mm, with Tim Burton’s Batman and the space-race epic The Right Stuff recently filling that bill.

It also gives us the chance to show that rarer beast, those films shot on large format film, exactly as they were intended. And in the case of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (playing from June 21st) we had the even rarer privilege of opening a brand new film which was shot on the format.

The IFI is dedicated to continuing to show as many 70mm titles as possible, and our next one is a bit special. Not only is it another film which was shot on huge format cameras (in this case 65mm Super Panavision) but it might be just be the ultimate super widescreen epic. David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia.

We’re delighted to be bringing the multiple Oscar-winning film back again in 70mm, and it’s even more exciting because this is a brand new print of the film – another very rare occurrence in a world where digital cinema prevails. Here’s a reminder of the visual splendour which awaits.

This strictly limited engagement of Lawrence of Arabia on 70mm film runs from the 20th of October 2017 and you can book for the first few screenings right now at this link.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on 70mm presentations and all of our special events.

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