89 mins, 2016, Poland, Digital, Subtitled

This film screened 9th December 2016.

Thirtysomething hipster Kamper (Piotr Zurawski) seems to have it all; a happy marriage to the beautiful Mania (Marta Nieradkiewicz), a luxurious apartment, and a job developing and testing videogames. However, his refusal to grow up has, without his noticing, put distance between him and his wife, to the extent that she has had an affair with an alpha-male television chef (a scene-stealing cameo from Jacek Bariak). His first response is to take revenge by having an affair of his own with a Spanish teacher, before realising that there are better choices to be made in this thoughtful, low-key comedy.

Screening as part of IFI & Kinopolis Polish Film Festival. For more details see the festival homepage.

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