100 minutes, Poland, 2017, Digital, Subtitled.

This film screened on 7th December 2018.

Paweł Maślona’s blackly comic first feature mirrors the multiple narrative approach of films such as Robert Altman’s Short Cuts (1993) or compatriot Jerzy Skolimowski’s 11 Minutes (2015). Here, characters endure a variety of anxiety-inducing situations, from the married couple seated beside the passenger from hell on a bumpy plane ride, to the woman suffering a painful meeting with her ex, to the webcam model whose work is interrupted by a stream of unannounced visitors. As Maślona ratchets up the tension in each situation, he also proves expert at finding the humour therein, making for a film that will provoke laughter from viewers even as they watch through their fingers, cringing at the relentless discomfort of the circumstances in which characters find themselves.

Please note that only persons 18 years and over will be admitted to this screening.

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