Irish Film Institute -ISLE OF DOGS



101 mins, USA-Germany, 2017, Digital

This film was released 30th March 2018, and is no longer screening.

Wes Anderson’s second stop-motion animated film (following Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009) is a typically charming and meticulously detailed outing. After an outbreak of canine flu leads to all dogs being exiled to Trash Island, defiant 12-year-old Atari sets out alone to rescue his dog. Chased by authority figures intent on retrieving the boy, the community of dogs comes together to protect him. The voice cast includes Yoko Ono, Scarlett Johansson, Jeff Goldblum, and, of course, Bill Murray.

(Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

There will be Open Captioned (OC) screenings at 13.10 on Wednesday, April 4th and 18.20 on Monday, April 9th.



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