Irish Film Institute -INTO GREAT SILENCE



169 minutes, France-Switzerland-Germany, 2005, Subtitled, Colour, 35mm

Fr. Dermod McCarthy of the Radharc Team and former Head of Religious Programming in RTE. will be in attendance to introduce the screening

Into Great Silence was one of the IFI’s most unexpected successes over the past 20 years; it is, after all, a nearly-three-hour-long documentary on the Grande Chartreuse, the head monastery of the Carthusian Order, told without voiceover, few subtitles, no soundtrack other than what the monks sing or say, and only one direct-to-camera interview.

However, its depiction of a meditative life lived in service of faith struck a chord with audiences entranced by the stillness and simplicity of the monks’ daily routines. Beautifully made, it’s a film that examines human spirituality on a profound level. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

This film is screening as part of 20/20: Landmark Films at the IFI which is part of IFI20: Celebrating 20 Years in Temple Bar.

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