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GAZE on Tour 2018

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      Eleanor Rogers
      Eoin Maher
      Kate Dolan
      Harry Lighton
      Hugh Rogers
      Paul Rowley

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The GAZE on Tour 2018 Irish LGBT shorts programme reaffirms the quality of LGBT film and filmmaking talent within Ireland, as well as the standard of work being produced internationally by Irish creators. The sheer scope in the exploration in themes, concepts and artistic approaches is proof that queer Irish film has come of age.

This programme, curated for GAZE festival 2018 reflects the diverse spectrum of voices, the wide-eyed fantasies and the distinct experiences of the Irish LGBT community. GAZE is committed to promoting these voices outside of the festival, and is proud to include the programme in its GAZE on Tour season.

Breast Friends
Director: Eleanor Rogers
A young driven female relay runner begins to question her sexuality when a new member joins the relay team.
18 minutes, Ireland, 2018, colour

Director: Eoin Maher
Drew leaves another disappointing gay hook up and wonders why he feels so alone. His internal monologue delves deep into the mind of a lonely gay man - his desires, his insecurities and his wavering belief he'll find love.
9 minutes, Ireland, 2017, colour

Cat Calls
Director: Kate Dolan
Dead men don't catcall. A sexual predator gets his comeuppance when he picks the wrong girls to mess with.
9 minutes, Ireland, 2017, colour

Wren Boys
Director: Harry Lighton
On the day after Christmas, a Catholic priest from Cork drives his nephew to prison.
11 minutes, Ireland, 2017, colour

Director: Hugh Rodgers
Johnny is a young Traveller who has to come to terms with his sexuality, and wants to help his deeply traditional community to do the same.
8 minutes, Ireland, 2018, colour

The Red Tree
Director: Paul Rowley
A powerful and poetic film that tells the little known history of Italian gay men being arrested and exiled to a remote island during Mussolini's Fascist regime.
22 minutes, Ireland, 2018, colour

Total running time for programme: 86 minutes

IFI International is pleased to collaborate with GAZE LGBT Film Festival to offer GAZE on Tour 2018 to our international exhibitors.

86 minutes, Ireland, 2018, Colour

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