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    1916 Centenary
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This Most Gallant Gentleman  A record of the return in 1965 of the exhumed body of Roger Casement, executed in London in 1916; the lying-in-state;  funeral procession and burial attended by Taoiseach Sean Lemass and other dignitaries. He was a man the commentary states who was "martyred in the cause of Irish freedom”.
Dept of External Affairs / 1965 / 10 mins/Col

 The Irish Rising  This reduced Mise Éire made by George Morrisson for the Dept of External Affairs for international exhibition draws on newsreel and actuality to explain events around the 1916 Rising.
George Morrisson/1966/14 mins/B/W

An Tine Bheo A film commissioned by the state to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the 1916 Rising. The film reflects the heroic view of the national struggle with uplifting score by Sean O Riada.. Recollections of 1916 veterans are intercut with images of famous buildings and monuments connected with the rising.
Louis Marcus / 1966/40 mins /Col

64 minutes, Ireland, 1966

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