April 2016

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1st - 3rd April //  Ottawa Irish Film Festival // Glassland, Standby, Into the West, IFI Newsreel & Actuality Programme: Ireland 1916-1923 (see website for full programme) //Ottawa, Canada. 6th - 10th April // Film Ireland // Viva, Sing Street, The Lobster, Calvary, Michael Collins, Song of the Sea// Hong Kong, China. 5th - 27th April // Days of European Film Festival // You're Ugly Too //  Prague, Czech Republic. 7th - 16th April //  Titanic International Film Festival // My Name is Emily //Budapest, Hungary. 7th - 10th April // Rome Irish Film Festa // See website for programme announcements / Italy. 7th - 10th April // Irish Film Festival // Glassland, After '16, Pursuit, Older than Ireland, Song of the Sea (see website for full programme) // Sydney, Australia. 20th April //  The Cohens and The Kellys, Cuala Irish Festival NYC // Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York, USA 22nd - 30th April //  Ireland 2016: Centenary Film Programme // IFI Newsreel Programme: Ireland 1916, Michael Collins, Ryan's Daughter, Young Cassidy, Mise Éire (see website for full programme) // Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada. 24th April // Luxembourg Cinematheque // 1916:The Irish Rebellion // Luxembourg 24th April // New York Centenary Commemoration // Rebellion, Mise Éire, Selection of short films // New York, United States 24th April // Irish Film London at the Bertha Dochouse // 1916: The Irish Rebellion // London, United Kingdom

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