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11 Minutes

    • Director

      Jerzy Skolimowski

    • Credits

      Ewa Piaskowska,
      Jerzy Skolimowski,
      Andrew Lowe,
      Ed Guiney

      Mikolaj Lebkowski

    • Principal Cast

      Richard Dormer,
      Wojciech Mecwaldowski,
      Paulina Chapko

  • Category


This film was released on Friday 4th December 2015 and is no longer screening.  Jerzy Skolimowski (Essential Killing, The Deep End), one of the greats of Polish cinema, presents a typically complex and darkly humorous ensemble piece in which the lives of a separate group of characters interweave and overlap over the course of the titular period. Set in Warsaw, among those we meet are a newly wed actress whose jealous husband waits outside the hotel suite in which a sleazy Hollywood director (Richard Dormer) may be attempting to seduce her, a group of nuns buying hot dogs from a vendor with a secret, a drug-dealing courier fleeing the bed of his married lover, and a group of paramedics faced with an unusual problem while attending a patient. Filled with ominous portents and foreboding sounds, Skolimowski’s impressively kinetic take on the Hollywood thriller builds to a cunning and unexpected climax in which the characters’ fates are decided/ Notes by Kevin Coyne

82 minutes, Poland, Ireland, 2015, Colour

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