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    • Director

      Joseph Strick

    • Credits

      Producer: Jospeh Strick. Writers: Joseph Strick, Fred Haines

    • Principal Cast

      Milo O'Shea, Barbara Jefford, Maurice Roeves

  • Category


American director Joseph Strick’s Academy-Award-nominated take on James Joyce’s Ulysses is unquestionably the most faithful screen adaptation of the revered and illustrious novel. The plot, such as it is, is iconic; Leopold Bloom (Milo O’Shea) goes about his daily business – eating, drinking, working, and socialising – and slowly comes into the orbit of Stephen Dedalus (Maurice Roëves), an urbane intellectual increasingly without direction in life. And, as the two men’s day unfolds, at home Bloom’s bawdy wife Molly commits adultery. The film’s frank depiction of Joyce’s often ribald novel had it banned in Ireland until the 2000s, whilst the film also had an interesting life at Cannes, where it was entered in 1967 only to be withdrawn by Strick when he noticed subtitles for some of the more provocative scenes had been deleted without his permission.  

120 minutes, UK, 1967, B&W

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