I Went Down

    • Director

      Paddy Breathnach

    • Credits

      Producer: Robert Walpole. Writers: Conor McPherson

    • Principal Cast

      Brendan Gleeson, Peter McDonald, Antoine Byrne, Tony Doyle

  • Category


Made with an indie spirit synonymous with much of 1990s crime cinema, I Went Down is a stylish effort that sees two talentless criminals sent from Dublin to fetch a gangland leader in Cork. The trouble begins when Git (Peter McDonald), fresh out of jail, finds himself owing a favour to mobster Tom French (Tony Doyle) when he attacks one of his thugs. Paired up with the incompetent but comedic Bunny (Brendan Gleeson), the two set out on a road-trip defined by quick-witted banter and poorly-executed crimes, with their capture of their target only causing more trouble.  Scripted by playwright Conor McPherson and directed by Paddy Breathnach, I Went Down is filled with an ingenuity and an awareness of the unhappiness felt by these hapless criminals.

Best Screenplay at the Irish Film and Television Awards 1999

107 minutes, Ireland/UK/USA, 1997, Colour

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