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Pilgrim Hill

    • Director

      Gerard Barrett

    • Credits

      Producer: Gerard Barrett. Writer: Gerard Barrett

    • Principal Cast

      Joe Mullins, Muiris Crowley, Corina Gough

  • Category


Bachelor farmer Jimmy Walsh (Joe Mullins), whose farm offers only his cows and his bed-ridden father for company, is the subject of this emotionally devastating exploration of one lonely man. Weaving the mundane events of Jimmy’s life with his answers to an unseen interviewer, Pilgrim Hill builds from Jimmy’s efforts to sell his cows and cope with stringently enforced drink-driving laws to a potentially life-changing conflict with bureaucracy. Throughout these events the scant materials that make up his life are established; apart from his farm only Margaret (Corina Gough) and boisterous friend Tommy (Muiris Crowley) relieve Jimmy’s tedium. Unfolding at a measured pace, Pilgrim Hill is a piece of naturalist drama made in documentary style, and is unflinching in its portrayal of a man who expresses not a fear of dying, but of dying and meeting the better man he could have been.

Irish Film Board Rising Star Award at the 10th Irish Film and Television Awards 2013

85 minutes, Ireland, 2013, Colour

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